Carpets have their origin in Persia and we at Shaw Brothers have retained the essence of centuries old Persian carpets. Sultan Zain-ul-Abadin brought carpet weavers from Persia and Central Asia to Kashmir to train the local inhabitants in the art of carpet weaving.

Today, our carpets have acquired a prominent place in the carpet industry. The credit for this goes to our skillful carpet weavers whose each piece of work is unique in terms of design and color. Our carpets are hand knotted and knots are ranging from 400-1600 knots per square inch. Being manufactured in a 100% pure high quality silk having Persian designs, our carpets are famous for their litheness and silkiness. The carpets are available in all sizes ranging from 1½ x 1½ ft. to as big as 14 x 24 ft. The loom used in Kashmir carpet weaving comprises of two horizontal wooden beams, between which the warp threads are stretched, one beam in front of the weaver and the second behind the first. The crafts men working at the loom actually sing out the pattern of the design written down on paper in a kind of shorthand style called talim making the atmosphere in the karkhana a combination of work and pleasure together.

We have our own handlooms in Kashmir specializing in silk carpets of varied designs and sizes in Srinagar with about 450 craftsmen working.

Our carpets have transformed the interiors of many households, hotels, and offices in India. They are the ultimate in luxury. Customer satisfaction being our highest priority, we also customize carpets to suit their tastes.